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IdentityHow do you identify yourself? I talk a lot with my clients about who they are, and who they want to be, especially as it pertains to leadership. It is really important to understand that we all need to identify with something that can't be taken away from us. For a time, I derived my self worth from my identity as a Navy SEAL, but that was taken away in an instant. I also spent 13 years of my life identifying as an FBI Agent. But is that who I am today? No, not anymore. If we identify with something that can be taken from us, what happens when we lose it? What if we focus our identity on something that cannot be taken from us? How about as a leader... As a teacher... Or as someone who gives love and compassion above all else. Tell me what you identify with, and how it can sustain you no matter what happens in life. 👊💥 #leadership #identity #selfworth #worthiness #love #compassion #strength #navyseals #veteran #succes #motivation #inspiration