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New AZ GF6 OperatorEntrepreneur in Arizona buys the AquaLocate GF6. The GF6 Seismoelectric Exploration System is ideal imaging resistive liquid (fresh groundwater, oil, natural gas) under layers of rock, sediments and soils. BEFORE a BOREHOLE is DRILLED. The process works by sending a seismic pulse (sound wave) into the ground. If liquid exists, the seismic pulse will move through it and disturb the natural ions in the liquid. The ions then give off an electrical signal the GF6 Exploration Instrument detects and translates into data. Depending on the data received between the seismic pulse and the aquifer, the results can indicate potential depth, yield (fresh water) and thickness. The GF6’s technology is not just for groundwater and well water surveys, the GF6 has been sold worldwide to businesses and research organizations conducting civil and environmental engineering work, frac water development, oil and gas surveys, geological research, water table depth research, minerals exploration and more. How can the GF6 help you? 8000.251.2920