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3DDV_GSIC_NOMINATION🥇 We already know who the winners of GSIC Sports Tech innovation Awards are, and now let’s find out the initiatives they’ve got awarded for. We would like to congratulate 3D Digital Venue for the title of 'The Best Collaboration Between a Sport Entity and a GSIC Member' of 2022 at #GSICAward! 3D DIGITAL VENUE, powered by Mobile Media Content, provides Interactive Digital Venue Management Solutions to Sports and Entertainment Venues across the globe. 3D DIGITAL VENUE platform is with design need-based solutions for our clients providing them a robust, precise and interactive recreation of their Venue to deliver greater fan satisfaction, increase season ticket holder renewal rates, activate new channels of digital sponsorship and provide special viewing experiences for prospective VIP buyers. You can learn more about all the nominated and awarded initiatives in the special publication released by GSIC which includes all the highlighted applications we received during the selection process. With this document, we want to cherish everyone who applied to participate in GSIC Awards and share the work they are doing to continue growing the sports industry: https://buff.ly/34ILQyH Iris Cordoba Mondejar - Andrea Suinaga Domínguez - Guillermo Marin - Sofiya Goncharova - Jorge Gómez Zabal - Iñigo Bonilla Barroso - Camila Nagem Igisk - Erika Fernández - Lluís Pascual - Roger Mitchell - Julien Piwowar - Tomasz Krzystek - Sulabh Gupta - Enrique Geijo - Agustina Alegresa Morganti #GSIC #GSICAwards #tech #technology #innovation #digitaltransformation #Microsoft